Perrini Tourmaline Self-heating Physical Therapy Unisex Neck support Brace

Perrini Tourmaline Self-heating Physical Therapy Unisex Neck support Brace


Tourmaline Self-Heating Neck Support is a comfortable neck guard made with high quality elastic nylon with tourmaline cloth and magnet stones. It increases healing process and improves the blood circulation. It is applicable to bone, neck pain and other signs of hyperthermia therapy. It helps to relax muscles.

We focus primarily on healing the cause of your problem, not just the symptoms, although you’ll benefit from pain relief, support, and posture issues. Magnetic Natural Therapy improves your immune system, stimulates/boosts your metabolism, and the incredible powers of your body to heal itself from the inside out after usage for a time


Natural Health Magnets Stimulates Blood Circulation for Effective Pain Relief and Healing the Cause, not Just Symptoms

Penetrates Targeting Injured Cells and Detoxifies

Subject to Individual Sensitivity Levels

Magnets Safely Generate Body Warmth Within Damaged Area

Use on Light Clothing or Against the Skin

Works in High or Low Compression

Lightweight, Breathable, and Long Lasting materials

Flexible Washable Device

Reduces injury of your neck caused by friction and hitting

It also provides warmth, comfort, superior flexibility and durability for daily wear

Source: Best Blue Sponge Neck Support +Plastic Releases Muscle Tension Relieves Tightness and Soreness Theraputic Neck Support Tension Reliever Neck And Shoulder Relaxer