Ageing and the pain free movement


Welcome to the pain free movement this channel is for those affected frustrated or annoyed by musculoskeletal pain from injury painting joints or muscles pain in backs and necks this program has one simple goal to help you sort out your problems what is the single most important thing I’m Max cabinet a physiotherapist in Adelaide South Australia it’s a world of confusing messages out there and the single most important thing is your health this program will address all aspects of healthy pain-free movement but with one goal making it simple if you or your loved ones have aches and pains what have you heard from your medical professionals what have you been told by those around you that’s crazy like what do you expected your age you should expect after the pains you get older it’s just the joints getting degenerated pines are all part of aging I hear these from clients every week comments like things are often told us by friends family and sadly for many in the health professions so is that it that’s our law nothing we can do about it is it game over can we pack up and bocce balls and garden tours sit on the couch and get into a downward spiral and final decades but hang on don’t we all… Watch the full video by following the link below

L🔗M Ep 10 Ageing: Find Out The Surprising Truth #Ageing #Surprising #wellness