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Understand Peak Performance from Melaleuca

“The Freiburg Study showed significant improvements across several key measures within one hour of taking the pack (reduction in free radicals, heart rate doesn’t rise as high during exercise [greater efficiency], improved resistance to inflammation, and significantly reduced glycemic spikes after meals). Even greater improvements were seen after 6 weeks of taking the pack, and the greatest level of improvement was observed after taking the pack for 12 weeks.” –

Powerful, Unparalleled Results

In the simplest terms, health can be broken down into categories that represent the interconnected bodily systems that make up our intricate human anatomy. Though further research is planned, the Freiburg Study demonstrated that the Peak Performance Pack already delivers incredible, measurable benefits in these key categories of holistic health: heart, metabolic, and cellular health.

Improved Heart Health

Cholesterol and triglyceride levels were positively impacted, allowing us to state that the pack helps:
Maintain healthy cholesterol levels*
Maintain healthy triglyceride levels*
Blood pressure—both systolic and diastolic—remained stable for many and dropped significantly for those studied with levels that were elevated but still in a healthy range. Nitric oxide is the major metabolite responsible for maintaining healthy blood pressure levels. It is a known vasodilator and the quantity nearly doubled. This leads us to conclude that the pack helps:Maintain healthy blood pressure* Boost the healthy production of nitric oxide in the blood*

Improved Metabolic Health 

The spike of blood glucose after a high-sugar meal was significantly lower after participants started taking the Peak Performance Pack. The body’s insulin response was significantly lower. We may now conclude that the pack:
Helps your body more efficiently manage blood sugar*
Helps support normal insulin response*

Improved Cellular Health

As participants continued taking the Peak Performance Pack, the body’s ability to efficiently produce energy increased. The heart did not need to beat as fast to perform physical activity and all cells were able to produce the required amount of energy without demanding additional oxygen. At the same time, we observed that the spike of free radicals (typically accompanied by physical exertion) was decreased dramatically. Additionally, inflammatory activity decreased while resistance to inflammation was significantly improved. It is now conclusive! The Peak Performance Pack also:
Helps support efficient cellular energy utilization*
Helps promote healthy free radical balance in the body*
Helps promote a healthy inflammatory response in healthy individuals*
Boosts the healthy production of nitric oxide in the blood*

You—At Your Peak
Whether your day consists of crossing finish lines or meeting deadlines, Melaleuca’s Peak Performance Pack delivers targeted, research-supported nutrition to improve heart health, metabolic health, and cellular health. So you get the most from your efforts every day.*
Never before has a combination of powerful, patented, or proprietary products been combined in this way. And never has there been a better nutritional pack to help you reach your own peak performance every day.
NEWPersonalized Nutrition Packs

“With all the incredible research backing it up, the Peak Performance Pack is now the centerpiece of Melaleuca’s nutritional offerings. But it’s not the only pack we offer. You can upgrade your pack to add the heart, brain, bone & joint, or total health benefits you want most.”